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Some names just didn’t exist a generation ago, but have taken off in popularity.

The most famous of these is Kayleigh, which came into existence thanks to the neo-prog rock band Marillion, who had a number two hit with a single of this name in 1985. But since then it has taken hold, especially with parents who grew up with a love of long-haired bouffant power ballads.

Of course, our gross irresponsibility towards the planet by deciding to have a fourth child is to blame (mind you, who else is going to pay for your pension? For starters, there are so many more names to choose from. Out have gone Peter, Paul, Simon, John and James and in come Harper Seven, Apple, Maddox and Coco. Two decades on from John Major’s laughable promise of a classless society, the one area riven by divisions almost more than any other is the name of your child. One only has to compare the names that appear in the Telegraph births column every morning with those that came up before magistrates after this summer’s riots.

Shakespearean Prince Harry or Cockney Harry Palmer: names back then just didn’t carry that much baggage. With my fourth child due next week, my wife and I find ourselves not just tied in the usual knot of indecision about what to call the impending baby (our other children are Alexander, 8, Felix, 6, and Celia, 3), we’ve quite simply run out of names. Artemis or Arthur are the type who think slumming it is buying Waitrose Essentials ratatouille.

I also am perplexed why systemic changes are not happening as fast as they could, given the honorable cast of activists in this film.

Perhaps it just takes time for more grass to take root in order for those blades of discontent and action to emerge in this movement. As always, it was powerful the trends, powers, players, and psychologies that have gotten us here.

has struck a chord with millennials who know just how complicated and utterly miserable dating (and life) can be. I also had jet-white hair until I was 15 years old, and then it got darker and now it's just blond. When you were dating, what were your biggest concerns? I made it very clear to my then girlfriend/now wife, that "Now that we're moving in together, I still want to see the boys every week! " She's brilliant because, as with a child, she said, "Of course." But then you throw marriage and a child into it, and everything changes.

As a black woman, Cherry says she was able to give Bowie some confidence he needed to explore Philly R&B sounds on Young Americans, his so-called "plastic soul" album on which her voice can be heard in harmony with Luther Vandross's.Aya: There's a lot of debauchery and a lot of one-upmanship and trying to sustain that state of wanting to f—k all the time, party all the time, everything's amazing all the time. Aya: I feel like the person I was becoming at 16 might have ended up like Gretchen, but for whatever reason, I took a hard left!They're going so hard at it, but you can't sustain that state. I'm so far from Gretchen, but I am incredibly blunt and sometimes I hurt people's feelings without realizing.It was Cherry, after all, who introduced Bowie to the network of musicians at New York's Apollo Theater, where he began piecing together a band to record with.In '73 and '74 Bowie produced the Astronettes, a nonstarter that features Cherry's vocals on a curious collection of Bowie-penned tracks; the session was released in somewhat official forms in 19.

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