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Both women are part of trend for reenactments, a higher percentage of women soldiers.

About 30% of the soldiers for this weekend are women.

“There were three different battles, two that took place in New Mexico and the one here.”The area around Picacho Peak — the picturesque stretch of land about 50 miles north of Tucson punctuated by craggy volcanic rock outcrops and lush desert along what is now Interstate-10 — served as a popular route for miners and missionaries heading west to California after it became a state in 1850. James Barrett claimed Fort Yuma on the California-Arizona border and planned to engage the Confederates at Tucson.

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Both groups retreated before the Union troops from California would return a month later and take Tucson without incident.

On June 22, Deadwood Pioneer Cemetery Board of Trustees was awarded ,860 grant from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department’s Historic Cemeteries.

The grant will pay for new headstones to replace 35 decayed markers.

"Everybody has a position, and a thing that they're doing and everyone is concentrated on that," she said.

Both Appelt and Bolton are two of the about 650 people who are helping to do the reenactment this weekend.

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