Dating versus relationship

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just looking for other people's feedback for this one... or you can do the junior high thing and say "so..wanna g/f"AAhh but do we assume we are in some kind of relationship when we've been intimate with someone.....

when does 'dating someone' turn into 'having a relationship with someone'? and then they aren't thinking they are in a relationship!

i don't have another date lined up the next day with someone else.... at some point you start calling the other person your b/f or g/f and that's when it is a if you and your date were at a restaraunt and you saw one of your friends..would you introduce that person?

if i'm gonna date someone, it's cuz i'm interested in that person more than others, right off the bat, no? "this is my "friend" so on and so on...." or "this is my g/f (b/f)....." am i making any sense?

Women who postpone marriage are less likely to divorce, more likely to achieve economic stability for themselves and also more likely to be satisfied with their work and family commitments, according to Kathleen Gerson, author of "The Unfinished Revolution: Coming of Age in a New Era of Gender, Work, and Family." While you may be tempted to rush into marriage with the person you love, continuing to date will give you the chance to be truly ready when you decide to say "I do." Making the decision to date instead of getting married will result in less relationship stability.

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While a person wonders whether to get married or continue to date, questions about the pros and cons of either option will likely arise.If you decide to get married, you will probably be happier in general.How long do you generally date before you make it a relationship? What do you do different when you are dating someone, but not in a relationship?and i think i'd make a better neurosurgeon than i would a constitutes a relationship with a person? is it a relationship when you see that person exclusively, or when you buy them something, or when..... but I can not be intimate with more then one person at a time.... I don't want to date anyone uummm....relationship......i think dating is like long i can't get the idea.generally, if i go on a date with someone.. is my theory: dating is the getting to know you stage..go on dates and talk and have fun.

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