Deaf people dating

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Moritz, my boyfriend, once explained to his mother that I’ll likely lose all of my hearing one day. ”I imagine that comment came from the same place a surprising amount of comments towards us come from: “How do you two communicate with each other?

She responded with a (genuinely concerned) “Oh no, what’ll happen then? ” Or, if they’re feeling particularly presumptuous, “But you can’t communicate with each other!

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When my boyfriend and I are anywhere where the background noise is loud enough that communicating orally is impossible for me, we sign. The comments given when I’m around can be annoying, but the most annoying ones always seem to be directed to my boyfriend when he mentions that his girlfriend is deaf. Of all the comments directed at either of us, though, there’s only one type that really bothers me:“Wow, you’re such a good person.”“Hey, good for you, that must be hard!

If I need to ask a question to a store clerk, I sign it to Moritz and he asks them for me; which often results in “Why can’t she ask me herself? I guess people are tactful enough to not say them when I’m around, but not tactful enough to know not to say them at all.“She should get a cochlear implant! “I could never date a deaf person.”“Oh, I’m sorry.”Yes, this bothers me more than any of the others. These comments are hurtful to me because they’re coming from a place of viewing deafness as something undesirable, something bad.

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Asking out a deaf person on a date involves finding the best way to talk to your crush, and also being respectful of their deafness and their identity.

What should you look for in a dating site dedicated to bringing deaf, hearing-impaired, and people with healthy hearing that are open to a relationship with a deaf person together? was created as a dating site for deaf singles to find other hearing-impaired people with the hopes of creating a lasting relationship and even love.

Living life without the benefit of healthy hearing is certainly a challenge, but it doesn’t mean you can’t live a normal and rewarding life.

” Nope, thanks for the input.“Is she, like, really loud when you have sex? My boyfriend is a martyr for dating me, a saint, because who would ever want to date a deaf person?

He deserves sympathy for dating me, because dating a deaf person is inherently lesser. Deaf people don’t need hearing people looking down on us.

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