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Jobs prefaced his introduction saying (via ars Technica): This bit of Trek injected into the event inspired the UK Times to title their article on the rollout as: "i Phone brings Star Trek to the modern world". However, even though the classic Star Trek hand-held communicator has often been cited as an inspiration for the modern cell-phone, they never had a video function.This missing bit of mobile Treknology was actually going to get an upgrade in the 2009 Star Trek movie.Tinychat is an easy way to use a webcam for video chat and conferencing.

Also a child may create a chat room and anyone could enter the chat and expose inappropriate materials to your child and other children in the chat.

And today when Apple unveiled the 4th generation i Phone, Star Trek was again invoked, this time by CEO Steve Jobs himself when introducing the new video calling capability.

This prompts the question: Is Star Trek actually behind the curve on this tech?

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