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A feeling of not being accepted for who you are and what you believe in.

I would just love for there to be a way to ease the burden we have taken upon ourselves.

If you have observed this issue and would like to report it as well, please open a support ticket or send an email to [email protected] a description of what you are seeing and a link to this post.

Within these tenets, the Alliance works for collaborative research, training and professional development opportunities for public school educators, university faculty, and teacher education students with the ultimate goal of improving education for all children.

Prerequisite: Admission to the Athletic Training Program, HSES 353, concurrent enrollment HSES 355.

This course will focus on issues surrounding drug use, testing, and prevention in sports and will incorporate life skills training in the areas of career transition, stress and time management, performance enhancement, strategic learning skills, and the dynamics of communication and leadership.

Fitness parameters of physical education majors and students in health, sport, and exercise sciences classes are assessed routinely.

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