Online dating doesnt work

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Technology does help us to be more productive, but it doesn’t belong in the dating world.Online dating is like playing your favorite game on your laptop or phone. Right if we’re taking online dating out of the mix? Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone of the doing the same things you always do.chances are you aren't necessarily bored a lot because you have work, friends.While none of these apps call themselves games, it doesn't take much dating was beachten Somehow, in the past few years, online dating has become acceptable to the masses.

As a single person using online dating sites, you face many challenges, and the sites cannot solve them. The matching algorithm based on explicit user data.These are things which they may be aware of and choose to "tweak in their favor", or they may not even know the answer to themselves! While the site has a decent interface, it creates the illusion that something smart is being calculated in the background. In my humble opinion, their matching algorithm is incomplete and biased because they ignore some key attraction and compatibility indicators such as implicit personality, flirting styles, astrology, skill and scent.More importantly, the data used for it is contaminated with "explicit positive portrayals".The reason why OKCupid's "math-based" matching algorithm — and that of any other dating site that provides a compatibility score based on the users' explicit answers to questions — is flawed is because the data they collect is .The saying goes: "Garbage in, garbage out." No wonder you end up going on dates with people you don't fully connect with or who misrepresent certain aspects of their persona. Here's why: the matching algorithm collects inherently biased data, because it requires users to "explicitly" answer questions about themselves and what they look for in others. While their calculations are accurate for what they intend to measure (whatever that may be), I question the validity of both what they claim is a "match" and the inputs they're using to calculate this with.

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