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When performing rendering there is a trade-off between the amount of space used and the video quality of the result.Higher bit rates will look better on the screen but will also take up more space; lower bit rates won't look as good but will allow you to fit more videos on your hard drive and upload to You Tube faster.then apply the setting's and restart the program as normal.let me know if this helps, turning off GPU acceleration is the 1st method to fixing this problem and works 90% of the time for most people.

Thus, the higher the quality of uploaded videos, the higher the quality of your clips on You Tube.

This is a 20 minute video and the bar just freezes when I try to render the video.

The other day, I tried rendering a 15 second intro video, and it worked fine.

Hi Guys, I was just messing around with Sony Vegas Pro 12 the other day, and I actually made a great Minecraft Video with it.

I tried to render it and upload it to You Tube, but it didn't let me.

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